Kathy Murillo

Kathy Murillo [they/she] is an ever-evolving queer, feminist Dutch-Latinx artist continuously exploring and redefining their artistic journey. They graduated as a Graphic Designer in 2016 and recently, in June 2023, graduated with honors from the Willem de Kooning Academy at Rotterdam University as a Fine Art multidisciplinary artist. They successfully completed an Erasmus program at Central Saint Martins in London, where they showcased their work in multiple exhibitions and curated a collaborative show with 11 artists. After returning to The Hague, they initiated various projects focusing on curation and the art scene in the Netherlands.
“My artistic practice encompasses various mediums, including painting, collage, video, sculpture, works on paper, installation, writing, performance, publishing, and interventions in public space. Through these diverse forms of expression, I explore the intersection of identities, experiences, emotional awareness, and the dynamics of ‘otherness’ within society.
The central theme of my work revolves around the concept of belonging. I utilize a range of techniques and themes to communicate and question this profound sense of belonging, primarily through an exploration of emotional awareness derived from everyday life experiences.
My projects are deeply influenced by personal experiences tied to current social issues, emotional awareness, contemplation, and speculation. I prioritize intersectionality to explore the intricate connections between these elements and bring untold stories to light.”
“Diversity is within each of us and yet many are blind to it.”