Daniel von Hoeßle



Daniel von Hoeßle born in 1996 lives and makes art in Wies-baden. Currently he is studing free art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach.

Often Daniels thoughts revolve around themes like time and impermanence. These Themes essenti- ally influence his artworks. His Inspiration comes from urban structures and colors which he encounters in his daily life and which he tries to emulate in his artwork. He also gets inspira- tion from his own experiences like sentences from strangers as well in his own thought process and picks it up in his works. His artwork also revolve around the aesthetic and unaesthetic. For him, the dirty corners and places in a city with multiple signs of usage are not just a blot on the landscape. Rather he sees these parts of town as symbols of life and communication between each individual leading his or her own life as their main character which only then enables the city to be how it is meant to be.