Aliaksandra Puhachova (Just Alex) is negotiating the lyrical tensions that exist between the relentless urge to imbue meaning and the equally unyielding insistence of happenstance — the vibration, or perhaps better said: the dissonance, that is defining of mundane experience. When this paradox is rendered as a material process — an image — and is thus confronted by the spectator’s gaze, an encounter with liminality takes place — namely, the moment in which the spectator, whilst studying an image that bears neither implied nor overt significance, formulates their interpretation. Her practice is orientated around the creating surfaces and conditions through which to hyper-enunciates this process of ‘meaning-making’, to quietly stimulate self- awareness in the viewer as to how they cultivate ‘sense’ — which in itself is typically dependent on the chance occurrences that, throughout an individual’s lifetime, compose and direct the mental chain of associations. As such, the paintings demarcate a space for meditation — for observing this collision of chance operations in acute detail.

“I did a lot of sports in the past and I am still busy working on my physique. Boxing was the last and the most true one of all the other sports. I still get inspired a lot by its philosophy. While staying in front of the canvas and thinking about the mess of the paint I will make in a moment, I always imagine a boxing ring. I see my opponent and I start to act. All the gestures in my paintings are hits, punches that I do during my fight.

Painting was always for me a great fight, but also a great meditation. My studio where I work is a place where the materiality transforms into the spirituality.”



Blue is the favorite color of eastern gods and lyrical poets, the color of sky-high heights and deep waters, the color of a fading day, the twilight of life and desired peace. Dedicate yourself to color, in other words, become color. Colors are never silent and they are always different. Colors appear and disappear, just like a rainbow appears and dissolves.

One makes use of pigments, but one paints with one’s feelings. Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin

At first there is nothing, then there is a profound nothingness, after that a blue profundity. Yves klein

The canvas becomes a portal to an idealized realm, a dreamscape where the whispers of the wind through the dunes echo the utopian aspirations of a collective consciousness…My latest series of paintings, ‘Royal Blue,’ a visual odyssey inspired by the majestic dunes of Kijkduin and the enchanting surroundings that define the very identity of The Hague.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of the Panorama Mesdag, ‘Royal Blue’ pays homage to this iconic masterpiece while offering a contemporary interpretation that resonates with the modern soul. The play of light on the waves, the undulating contours of the dunes, and the vibrant hues of ‘Royal Blue’ serve as a visual dialogue with the viewer, inviting you to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of this coastal haven. As you gaze upon each canvas, envision a journey into a utopian realm, where the landscapes mirror not only the physical beauty of The Hague but also the aspirational spirit of its inhabitants. As the series unfolds, may it become a testament to the enduring power of art to inspire, uplift, and illuminate the path towards a more harmonious world.”